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Proposed Developments

The MWM Real Estate Group is currently undertaking the following developments which will be made available as prime real estate investment options to our clients, who invest in the MWM Real Estate Fund.
It is proposed to develop this property into a hotel/condo and marina facility, with the attendant shop space for lease.  This development will effectively be a continuation of the existing marina village currently located at Soper’s Hole.
It is proposed to invest in part of the development planned for VGYH.  The current development plans for VGYH includes: a Town Centre (which is currently under construction), a Hotel, Condos, Estate Homes and a Mega Yacht Facility.
There are two (2) contiguous properties that both abut the sea and the cruise ship pier that the Company proposes to develop appropriately.
It is proposed to erect a six (6) storey commercial building at one of the few remaining un-developed lots in the heart of the commercial district in Road Town.  BVI law does not permit the construction of buildings containing more than six (6) storeys.
Last Revised: 8/7/2006

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